Eye Exams

What Happens During an Eye Exam?

During routine eye exams, Dr. Hart-Moreland checks patients’ vision and overall eye health. Eye exams typically involve checking visual sharpness or visual acuity and conducting refraction tests and a retinoscopy. Such tests make it possible for Dr. Hart-Moreland to measure vision for corrective lens prescriptions when needed. She also tests for:

  • Eye movement
  • Eye alignment
  • Color blindness
  • Depth of perception

Should I be Checked for Glaucoma?

Patients at risk of glaucoma should have their eyes checked for signs of the condition. Detecting glaucoma early and taking steps to treat it helps lower the risk of vision loss. Eye doctors typically recommend glaucoma tests for those with increased risk factors for the condition.

Will my Pupils be Dilated?

Eye doctors dilate pupils to view the inside of the eyes in greater detail. Seeing eyes in greater detail helps eye doctors detect warning signs of conditions that could lead to vision loss or vision impairment. Patients who are at a higher risk of eye diseases typically need to have their pupils dilated more frequently during eye exams. Those who have their pupils dilated should wear sunglasses after their eye exam.

What Other Types of Tests do Eye Exams Include?

Dr. Hart-Moreland offers retinal exams in addition to routine eye exams for patients who sign up for these optional tests. Retinal exams involve taking 90-degree scans of the eye, which allows Dr. Hart-Moreland to check the health of the eye and look for signs of disease and conditions that should be treated.

When Should I go to Dr. Hart-Moreland for an Eye Exam?

Patients should plan to have routine eye exams performed annually. However, patients with eye conditions, eye diseases, or medical conditions that can affect vision should plan on going more than once per year.

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